• Title: Right of Occupancy
  • Location: Airport Road, Abuja
  • Description: Adjoining Trademoor Estate and directly Opposite Betterdays Estate
  • Neighbourhood: Urban Apartments, Trademoor, Britach International School etc
  • House Types: 5-Bedroom Duplex including maid’s room
  • Development Plan:  24 Months Development Plan (July, 2016 to July, 2018)
  • Land Size/House Units: 1.7Hectares/31units
  • Number of Families: 35 Families
  • Infrastructure: Central Water & Light; Underground Cabling, Alsphalt Road, etc 
  • Facilities: Basketball Courts & Playground
  • Attractions: Wifi; Facility Office, CCTV, Private Guards etc
  • Payment Plans: Off Plan Sale, Six Months and 1 Year
  • Finance Option: Instalment Payment
  • Price: Contact our sales unit for current price

About Pleasant View

The name is simply a reflection of its location- It boasts of the best view within its locality. Right from the balcony of any of the 31units of fully-detached 5bedroom duplexes that make-up the estate, one can have a glimpse of the entire Airport road corridor development and suburb of Abuja. The view is truly breathtaking, remarkable and arguably one of the best in all our projects.

As usual and in compliance with our tradition, the estate boasts of top-class facilities in all ramifications. It is designed to cater for your leisure and basic relaxation needs in a most seamless way.
Due to popular demand, the only house type- 5bedroom fully detached- that make-up the estate, is simply a modification of the 5bedroom at Ambassador Villa Luxury, but now, the spaces are even much bigger.

Typical of our style, the estate adopts some eco-friendly facilities- Underground drainage and electric cabling which allows for green environment, beautiful flower vegetation and lawns. Also, the roads will be well-tarred with pavement and walk-ways; Basketball and Relaxation center for hangout; estate office management; Central water and generating light and much more.

Pleasant View Layouts


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