Aiben Resort Center

It has been a glorious and remarkable 5 years of great achievements and we are indeed very thankful to God, our Invaluable staff and all our esteemed client..

Today, we have delivered houses to 1000  Nigerians within 5 years of our corporate existence, averaging 200 houses per year.

This feat, ofcourse, will not have been possible, considering the huge challenges of lack of access to construction finance and mortgage creations,  but for our clients who believe in us over the years. Once again, we say a very big thank you!

Building a formidable and dependable brand is all about letting your works speak for you…

We set the pace in all our projects. Either during construction of our 10 housing estates or dealing with our over 1000 clients or about 200 suppliers, we remain fair and just and continually subject ourselves to their utmost satisfaction.

Clients who have invested in our estates: Royal Garden,  Ambasadors Villa, Pleasant View, Emerald Garden, Trafford Villa, Biltmore Garden, AIBEN Boulivared, 5th Avenue Estate, Biltmore Garden City, BGC, Lekki and Maitama Hills, can all attest to our high standards of business dealings.

We take delight in our 54 staff force as we ensure their prompt and proper remuneration and general well-being, year in, year out.

Inspite of our very busy business commitments, we still play a vital role in leading comity of developers in real estate development, especially in FCT where we are well rooted. We don’t just criticise, we get actively involved by ensuring proper representation for developers and supporting government and authority in making far reaching decision in the housing sector…Just as we also provide support to upcoming firms in the industry.

While ensuring we perform our civic responsibility of paying tax, we still remain socially responsible by constructing and repairing public road, supporting NGOs, the Nigerian Police Force, and youths empowerment through generous donations to sporting events.

As we mark 5 years today, we join other well meaning corporate Nigerians in praying for a flourishing and prosperous nation while we continue to contribute our best to housing development in the country.


God bless Our Clients!

God bless AIBEN!!

God bless Nigeria!!!




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